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ATS Grandstand The main stand in Gurgaon Dwarka expressway

Say hello to an uncluttered and open space that is like a picturesque holiday resort. This is the new ATS Group’s presentation called the ATS Grandstand Gurgaon. The city of ...Read More

ATS Grandstand- An exquisite state-of-art residential development in the commercial capital of NCR

November 14, 2016 | Nitishiree Gupta

Gurgaon is becoming a hot destination for settlement and many new commercial and infrastructural ...Read More

ATS Grandstand experience a lifestyle of modern day luxury and comfort that will satisfy all your senses

November 07, 2016 | Kapil Tomer

Gurgaon is a rising city that is filled with a lot more that meets the eye. This part of the Nati...Read More

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