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Benefits of Having a Home in High Rise Skyscraper Complex

November 22, 2016 | Sarika Aggarwal

Benefits of Having a Home in High Rise Skyscraper Complex

Living in metropolitans and larger cities across India today, the one predominant nay defining skyline feature that can’t be missed happens to be high-rise skyscrapers of diverse architectural beauty and magnificence. And, there can be no doubt that having a home in high-rise skyscraper complex could be an equally exciting experience!

When the land prices are skyrocketing in most urban living spaces in the country, the real estate czars have found a new solution to cater to the growing demands of self-owned residences as well as keen investors in the realty sector. Welcome to the world of vertical living! When land is scarce, homes organised one top of the other become the norm. This is the perfect scenario for high-rise apartments. The real estate across the length and breadth of the country is thus witnessing an unprecedented growth in terms of smart elegant edifices that are being developed in many cities.

Space is not the only constraint. High rise apartments are not only a preferred choice of living in Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities, where land prices are spiralling at maddening speeds, but are also getting popular in Tier-3 towns. Here is why living in high rises is becoming the new way to live.

High rises offer many advantages:

Refreshing views

Often these are skyscrapers that offer fantastic views and a breadth of fresh air. The high rise apartments in Gurgaon, for instance, have higher premium for higher floors. No wonder then that projects like the ATS Grandstand with 29 floors witnesses many takers for upper storeys. Standing on a terrace or a balcony and sipping a cup of tea gives a high like no other – a feeling of deja vu, like being on top of the world!

Foster shared community spirit

Living in a community that most high rise complexes offer has its advantages. Often nuclear families of today make lifelong and strong friendships with like-minded neighbours, who help out each other in times of need. Celebrating big and small joys of life, as well as having a shoulder to lean on during the not-so-happy times is a boon for today’s otherwise alienating society. High rise apartments are the perfect antidote for those who stay away from their relatives.

A holistic lifestyle

These enclosures are mostly self-sufficient. The high rise apartments in Noida, for instance, like the ATS Picturesque Reprieves G+35 Floors high, are enclaves that come bundled with a plethora of activities to keep one busy. No matter what age group, what varied tastes, there are often many options for one to choose from here. Be it sports, fitness activities, community spaces, social hubs, play areas, cafeterias, or even luxuries like clubhouse, swimming pool, gym, sauna etc. – everything is available under one roof, without having to travel anywhere. This means more quality family time and memories to cherish.

Well we all know that living nearby office is quite helpful for completing daily schedule of corporate life.
Bangalore is famous for its IT sector hub and corporate offices. There is a giant commercial area named as Electronic City in Bangalore which fabricated with thousand of commercial spaces. Recently Kolte Patil launches there Tall building in Bangalore that is in Electronic city & gives the residential benefits in nearby commercial offices in well developed environment. This project is names as Kolte Patil Itowers Exente and provides all aspects of benefit of having home in high rise building.  

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Unmatched convenience

Often high rise complexes are completely stress free. They have power back-up, non-stop water supply, impeccable security, and an efficient waste management as well as maintenance system. Thus, by paying a small monthly fee, one is relieved of day-to-day mundane chores in a high rise apartment complex. With convenient day-care centres, convenience stores and concierge services, these are wonderful innovations that make every day a pleasure!

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